Fluoride is a natural chemical compound found in food and water. It is an inorganic, monatomic anion of fluorine with white or colorless salt. Its chemical formula is F-. Salts found in fluoride are distinctively bitter and odorless. Some people are concerned about fluoride in their foods and drinking water, fearing that it might be harmful. But is this concern true? Continue reading to learn more about the myths and facts about fluoride.

Myth: Fluoride is harmful to your health.

Fact: The truth is that fluoride has numerous health benefits. For instance, it is responsible for maintaining bone density and preventing teeth from decaying. It has proved to be able to maintain the hardness and integrity of teeth enamel. That’s why it is a major ingredient in different dental products, including toothpaste and mouthwash. It is also available in piped drinking.

Myth: Fluoridated water causes fluorosis.

Fact: It is not true that fluoridated water causes fluorosis, but it is not completely false either. The truth is that you can only develop fluorosis if you take excess fluoride. That’s why water suppliers in the US ensure that the amount of fluoride in their piped water is professionally regulated. Therefore, if the fluoride levels in your drinking water are moderate, you have nothing to worry about.

Myth: It is very expensive to have fluoridated at home.

Fact: Adding fluoride to your drinking water is the most inexpensive way to avoid tooth decay. Compared to the cost of treating tooth decay and other dental problems, the cost of adding fluoride to your water is extremely low.

Myth: Continuous consumption of fluoridated water causes cancer.

Fact: Many scientific studies have shown that it is completely safe to drink fluoridated water throughout your life. Researchers have also proved that fluoridated water doesn’t cause cancer or other serious illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, or kidney problems. The American Academy of Family Physicians has endorsed fluoride as entirely safe to drink.

Myth: Fluoridated water is harmful to babies.

Fact: Fluoridated water is completely safe for children. A study done in 2010 recommended that fluoridated water is safe to be used to reconstitute infant formula. The researchers concluded that the effect of fluoridated water on infants is insignificant, adding that it could even be favorable to some infants.

However, you should always discuss any questions regarding fluoride with your doctor before you make any significant decisions.